The HomeSounds project leads sound-walks throughout the year, both in-person and online, for all ages, experience, needs and interests. They fit broadly into any, or all, of the three categories outlined below.


Sound-Walks can be profound experiences. Taking time to walk, think, feel, and enhance your aural senses, offers the opportunity to drink from a fountain of inspiration. It can be argued that natural sound, and ever-increasingly human-generated noise, are instinctive sources of human creativity, and play a fundamental role in all our creative endeavours.

​If you are lucky enough, your ears are always 'on'. This means you will absorb the sounds of your environment into the core of your being whether you wish to or not. You will also be contributing to these sounds, whether consciously or not. Sound-Walks give us the time and space to reflect on this circular flow of sound and consider how our lives, and our creativity, have been, and continue to be, shaped by it.

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Sound-Walks provide an innovative, inspirational and exiting way to learn. The range of subjects, and the depth of material that can be explored through a Sound-Walk is unending. Educational areas of study may include; Acoustics, Geography, Biology, Physics, Ecology, Acoustic Ecology, Audio Technology, Music, Art, Drama, Maths, amongst many others.

HomeSounds Sound-Walks are offered as standalone activities, with perhaps a specific area of interest, or as tailored programmes relating to a curriculum, project or activity delivered by a school, club, college or any other educational institution or organisation. The project has developed materials, activities, session plans and schemes of work to support our Sound-Walks. It is also possible for HomeSounds to develop custom programmes and activities depending on the needs, interests and requirements of a particular group. The project works with all ages and cirucmstances, though specialises in working with children and young adults.

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Health and Well-Being

The importance of sound in relation to human health cannot be overstated. Yet it is so often an aspect of our lives that is overlooked, primarily because we cannot change or influence the vast majority of sound that we hear and experience. We are so often the unwilling receivers of unwanted sound. HomeSounds Sound-Walks offer the opportunity to turn down the noise of everyday life and tune into the rich cycles of our acoustic habitats.

By tuning into, understanding, and meditating on this acoustic habitat we can deepen our relationship with it. Through this, in turn, we can foster a sense of connection with the world around us, particularly the natural world, that is such an integral element of our personal and communal health and well-being. From this point we can then foster this sense in others.

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