The HomeSounds Podcast

The HomeSounds podcast mixes pre-recorded and live-streamed sound-walks, interviews, listening experiences, performances and much more. Welcome home everybody.


Bandcamp hosts special HomeSounds recordings. You can contribute to the HomeSounds project by subscri bing and/or purchasing tracks and albums.


The HomeSounds youtube channel holds a collection of videos that include live-streamed sound-walks, performances and events. Subscribe to get the latest updates on upcoming live-streamed events.


A collection of sound gathered throughout the HomeSounds project is freely available on Soundcloud.


The HomeSounds live-stream microphones broadcast via the Locusonus Soundmap platform. As well as listening to current HomeSounds broadcasts, you can tune into live environmental sound from around the world.

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Below is a select number of links to people, organisations and material related to our work.

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Michael Stocker - Hear Where We Are -

Hildergard Westerkamp - Composer and Sound-Walker -

R. Murray-Shafer - 'The Soundscape' -

Andra McCartney - 'Meaningful Listening Through Soundscapes' -

Bernie Krause - Wild Sanctuary -

Locus Sonus -

Soundtent -

Antonella Radicchi - ​

YaleEnvironment - Ecopsychology: How Immersion In Nature Benefits Your Health - ​

Science Daily (University of Sussex) - It's True: The Sound of Nature Helps Us Relax - ​

Green Care Coalition -

MIND - How Nature Benefits Mental Health - ​

MIND - Mindfulness - ​

MIND - 5 Ways To Well-Being -

National Well-Being Service - Wellbeing Nature Sounds -

Onatario Parks Blog - Listening To Nature's Music -

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - 'A Review of the Benefits of Nature Experiences' -

National Trust - 'Woodland Sounds Boost Well-Being' -

Penn State Social Science Research Institute - Sleep Sounds -

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - 'Stress recovery during Exposure to Nature Sound and Environmental Noise' -

Health Environments Research and Design Journal - 'The Efficacy of a Brief Nature Sound Intervention on Muscle Tension, Pulse Rate, and Self-Reported Stress: Nature Contact Micro-Break in an Office or Waiting Room' -

Dr Jolie Goodman - 'Nature and our Mental Health'

UK Government - The People and Nature Survey for England (2020)