The HomeSounds project invites everyone, particularly young people, to become active environmental listeners for the benefit of their creativity, education, health and well-being.

The sounds of our environment are a profound, subtle and deeply influential context in our lives. This sphere of influence includes our sense of time and place, our memories, emotions and physical bodies, the physical world, our personal, social and spiritual relationships, and our relationship with nature.

Through active environmental listening we can deepen our understanding of the extent to which our acoustic habitats shape our lives. We can learn to respect all sound, no matter where it comes from, and to become more aware, in the deepest possible sense, of ourselves, our communities and our world. For young people, particularly those in vulnerable circumstances, the acoustic habitat they live in is as important as, and on occassion more important than, their physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or social habitat. The extent of its influence is generally little understood. HomeSounds offers a unique opportunity to explore this influence in a safe and inspiring way.

An appreciation of how pivotal sound is to our relationship with the natural world has become increasingly important as our environment changes, and the effects of the climate crisis are experienced. Developing experience and skill in active environmental listening can help foster a positive, respectful and mature relationship with our planet.


HomeSounds encourages active environmental listening through a wide range of activities that fit broadly into one, or all, of the categories of creativity, education, health and well-being. These activities include in-person and online sound-walks, the installation of live-streaming microphones, and tailored programs of education. The project works both independently and in partnership with educational establishments, charititable organisations, health providers, community groups, individuals of all ages and circumstances, and many others. Some of the organisations with whom we have collaborated include BREAK Children's Charity, Norfolk Wildlife Trust, Mancroft Advice Project, City Academy Norwich, Norwich International Youth Project, Excelsior Trust, National Trust, RSPB, Norwich Science Festival, British Science Association, Norfolk County Council, English Heritage and many more.

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