HomeSounds:Classrooms is a participatory, collaborative and inclusive series exploring how the sounds of the environment shape us, and our world. Unique online and in-person events are supported by dedicated online learning communities led by artists, naturalists, musicians, teachers and each other.

HomeSounds:Classrooms can be accessed both while they are live, and once archived. Access to a classroom is either free or by subscription to HomeSounds on Bandcamp. A free google account is required to login. See the relevant classroom for more details.

Live Classrooms


This classroom is dedicated to listening at the Wheatfen Nature Reserve near Surlingham, Norfolk, UK. The HomeSounds project has installed a live-streaming microphone at the reserve and alongside it is creating a program of sound-walks, listening activities, events and more, all centred around the core themes of creativity, education, health and well-being.

Situated just east of Norwich, Wheatfen in Surlingham is one of the most significant and well-studied wetland nature reserves in Britain. Spanning 52 hectares, Wheatfen consists of large swathes of open fen, reed beds, sallow carr and two small broads (shallow lakes) called Wheatfen and Deep Waters, inspersed with a network of pathways that are open to the public to explore. It is managed by the Ted Ellis Trust who employ a reserve warden supported by a host of dedicated volunteeres to maintain the site.

This classroom, which is open to all, holds information about Wheatfen, audio recordings from the reserve, listening resources, links and other media. It will also host subscriber only events such as live-streamed sound-walks, interactive listening activities and more. The classroom is constantly evolving and aims to foster and support a community of Wheatfen listeners.

Archived Classrooms